How to counter Darkstorm

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I am looking for a way to counter Darkstorm WITHOUT using a rail launcher as I would like to retain my hunter missile turret (although i am open to suggestions to improve my base).

I have 4 cryo turrets and the rest is avalanche.

The base defence platoon which i am currently considering is roland (to counter phalanx) and the rest technicals (lets say half with aa tech for siege squadron and other "heavy" air and the other half will be with bullets to easily kill lighter air units faster).

Although i think that my base would be lets say not that bad against every air unit because of mixed technicals and hunter missiles i have no idea what to do to counter the darkstorm. Bunkers cant counter it because of the aura. Do you have any suggestions or experiences on how to counter it as a defender?

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    Based on what I have heard, the Sharpshooters inside of the Bunkers does have the powers to pack a powerful punch against the Darkstorm before the aura reaches the Bunkers. Other than that, I haven't heard of any super good tricks for beating the Darkstorm.
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