Question - Damage reduction in Charged armor -stacking

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Daft question to some,maybe not to others (me) -  Hydra fleet with Charged armor, the Ballistic and Radioactive armor pool stacks, but I've just noticed the Dmg reduction doesn't. Is this correct ? or is this showing incorrectly. I have 2 of each which should show as 24K but only shows 12K. 
Just checked all my other fleets and they show the same, so i assume it doesn't.
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    I noticed that too. My guess is that that reduction doesn't stack, but the damage pool does get larger. 
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    It is not supposed to stack. 

    The pool does stack, which is one of the reasons why people use multiple charged armors.
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    This was written when they first came out so some of the numbers are different but I think the mechanics remained the same if it helps:
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    They don't. But if they did, the devs would be livid that we're getting so little repair time.  :p
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