bounty left over points

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i have done all 11 bounty's and every time i have about 1600 points left over this sucks because there in no way to use 1655 points why not put some small prize tokens that we can use the points on 
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    Yes, I hear ya. But  other tweebs will just go with Kixsters and tell you an other players that have that much points left over. To just deal with it, you should've hit more targets, before bounty ended. Game has gone to chit, so just play on your own time and risk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go get ' em fearless pirate LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i finish 3rd in my sector and lost out on first place right at the end kixeye needs to add a low point prize like 1 hour build token  or something  in that line 
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    Back when Raids were first introduced, any leftover points were converted to resources. 

    Back then the designers really understood the idea of putting customers first. 

    If they really wanted a simple way to not make us throw away hard-earned event points, they'd look at our BPUT levels and give us a bump in whatever was lowest. 

    Doing something like that would make players feel good about the game, something very rare these days. 

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