Omega herald defence?

Thunder Snow
Thunder Snow
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What shoots down the omega heralds?  I have been having trouble with them for base attacks.  
  • Gudari43
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    Airborne only units - Hades, Seekers, Technicals with rocket turret and Hornets.
    Airborne only defenses - Hunter Missile, Storm, Patriot Missile

    However, if you go all-in on airborne you're vulnerable to ground attack.  The balance is to find the right mix to deter attackers looking for an easy bubble.

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    use 2 max. hunters or 4-5 technicals with rocketman tech , and herald cant touch you even you offline :smile:

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    3 level 20 techs with rocket man can kill lvl 31 omega herald in 12 seconds. So far techs are best defense option along with phalanxes for killing Darkstorm and Siege
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    With thenicals you can kill HERALD , only with 4 you can kill easy , but you need set up in work shop ( check photo ) 
    same you can use HUNTER MISSILE  ,but you must also have tehnicals against him !

  • Axel L
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    The Herald can only get targeted by dedicated anti air units. Here are few units and other items I would recommend using in order to conquer the Herald.
    • Units
      • Survivors
        • Technical (LightVehicle-ICON)
          • Requirement: Rocket Man Workshop component
      • Corpus
        • Hades (LightVehicle-ICON)
      • Sentinels
        • Seeker (LightVehicle-ICON)
    • Other
      • Heavy turrets
        • Hunter Missile (preferably linked with Fusion Turret for +200% damage)
      • Drone Silo
        • Hornets
      • Rocket Silo
        • Patriot (level 17-20)
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