Creating a new alliance "For Fun" (FOFUN)

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Creating a new alliance "For Fun" (FOFUN). Feel free to join up if you are looking for an alliance. You don't have to move or anything if you don't want. It's a basic player alliance no real mission other then to have fun. Do what you do best, we have 3 members so far and would like to get more so we can take advantage of the bonuses. We are in the 100-199 range of sectors if that helps. Happy Hunting Pirates
  • Aegir_JKK
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    "hacker" in your name is normally not a good start right?
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  • Angel_Of_Hate
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    I need a alliance to help me in the raids and to get better stuff fleets and base stuff

  • Serpents_Soul
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    i need an alliance who will do all the work for me in raids, and who will send me coin.
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