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    Axel please explain to me why kixeye is so concerned about friendly bubbles?

    Its been going on forever and most of us big hitters have just put up with it and gone about our business, now all of a sudden its the biggest crime against fairplay and everyone has to deal with your latest brainwave..

    Just tell us how you were losing money from it so we can all move on. Cheers.

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    [...] My main point being: you as a war commander player are in a niche game! When you drop to far... Well, then it will be shut off and put on FB, just like Backyard monsters. So i guess we can appreciate whatever they still do. But the days are numbered commanders ;-)
    Interesting post, and probably have to agree on most of it. One thing that is going to be a major issue and I have seen nothing to address it is the fact that Adobe WILL be discontinuing Flash next year. Does Kix have a contingency plan for this?
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    Axel L said:
    It may not be the perfect solution but it do still open up the opportunity for a base to be bubbled by another player as the platoons can be sniped. On the other hand, I do agree that this fix is far from perfect when it comes to solving the problem. The 2 most effective solutions is that the player will lose infamy from every single bubble and that platoon attacks will award infamy.
    That sounds more like a punishment than a solution....

    They could leave the 10-Min rule even tho I dont agree with it. But make it so attackes against your base also have a Cool Down of say 30 seconds or so between attacks so that you can mount some kind of defense. Either by deploying plats to fight with or by jumping out of the sector. And yes I know that the other players can follow, but at least its some type of counter to the 10-Min Gang Bang that is happening now.

    ALSO: Please note again that this rule does nothing to stop 69's... The affenders are simply holding bases now instead of bubbling them. And all they have to do is hold it for 2 attacks which is 12-Min and then they can get their bubble.... So the 10-Min Rule is a total flop.... The only thing it has affected is PVP is basically dead and you have low levels running around the map hitting plats for infamy.

    The rules in place to help stop Ring Of Fire are good and seem to be working somewhat. Its better than nothing.
    I may be a Low Level...But Im definitely not new :-)
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