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3 days special op only lasted 24 hours

Anthony Kan
Anthony Kan
Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 1

how come the 3 days special op event only allow players to accumulate event points for 24 hours?after claiming a prize you can't reset the timer anymore.this issue has been bothering me for some time

  • Justus Fernz
    Justus Fernz
    Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 2

    Its been bothering me tooo why would you waste 72 hours for a 24 hour mission... may be to give time for all players... well if you are considering about all players.. why would you increase the difficulty of all level 65 and not level 70 in special ops... this is nonsense... you guys are actually loosing here... give something to the medium level players too... we may not have HIMARs and Leapords.. so atleast give us a chance to try to get one... and the funny thing is you attack with this difficulty and you can have only 3 attacks at level 65 till all your oil is drained to zero... and you expect us to gain credits of 1,00,000 and higher which is impossible unless you are rich to spend on blitz or whatever tricks you show to get your belly fat... what is the point of special ops or any other ops if its not balanced... kindly make it balanced... this shouldnt be a rich vs poor game... give chance to all equally...

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