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Kixeye, please make it away that damage protection can be 4 hours. This will increase the chance that we can GET our REVENGE on players who have been getting a buddy bubble. We wouldn't have to wait for months to hit that player back. 
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    remember, just a couple days ago, when they did not put back the 36 hour bubble after warpath? it stayed at 4 hour bubble for several hour ... and many people flipped their wigs over it??

    good luck with a full time 4hr bubble suggestion
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    ring of fire....69....well i hope kix will stop letting people jail other players and i would also like to see a morale for bases, if i attack someone and i see the base is too hard for me then I want to attack the base twice without success and then on my third attack i want the base to be damaged 50% already.....yeah yeah I am being sarcastic. PVP has become a joke - but please don't blame the players, its kix fault with repair times, short jump times etc. its all about gold for the last year...gold gold gold

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    theirs always make option if u get hit even if play is in bubble to  attack back from inside ur base for free  even if they just bubbled them self that was a player can get a revenge hit back 
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    I do agree that it would at least solve the self bubbling issue in some way but I would prefer to see the regular damage protection duration to be slightly longer like 8-12 hours to make the protection last at least 1 night to let our base guard repair fully.
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    Perma 4 hours bubbles would suck, some of us work, and sleep, I dont want to have to check my game all the time, simple solution is any platoon sitting idle on the world map for over a permitted time, say 5 mins, then auto returns home, that will clear the maps and make it harder not impossible for things, as for time similar to Axel said change the times to 1 star 4 hours, 2 star 8 hours and 3 star 12 hours.
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