Extended Downtime - 5/16

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A small issue was discovered during our scheduled downtime today which required a fix to address. Please expect server downtime to be extended by an hour or so. We expect to bring the servers up around 4:30 pm PDT, but this is tentative. If the plan changes we will update the thread here.
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  • Nawar Nweder
    Nawar Nweder
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    Thank u so much @CM_Burny, we hope all issues will be fixed after this Down.
  • Jimnet
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    I can already imagine the "Why is the downtime so long, there was no notice" posts now. Thanks for the heads up Burny
  • Whiskey-Tango3
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    lol i was about to make a post asking

  • Slap-A-Hoe
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    Thanks for the update Bunny, and if its not asking too much, can we please address the tag issues when we jump sector to sector...hate refreshing after every jump. Thanks
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