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What is the most tokens you've gotten from the fm 3-9 days tokens chest?

I thought it'd be cool to get a visual. Let's keep it constructive please. Thank you.

FM token chest 162 votes

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  • HowHigh
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    I've been lucky, got the 9 dayer early (used it on hunters.... ) and a few 4 dayers
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  • Anthony Prewecki
    Anthony Prewecki
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    just befor raids i had a 2 day and the 7 day token 
  • Charlie Pugwash
    Charlie Pugwash
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    4, and the one time it happened I actually already had one 2-day because I'd got used to it always being 3, so as a result, I only got 2 days.
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  • TheHolsh
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    Just saying....  5-8 will never happen so...
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    2+2, once, since this format started.
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  • Cyanide Sandwich
    Cyanide Sandwich
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    I got really lucky once and got a 2 and 7 days token right after I got buccs (before the seige cycle started), so i was able to have a fleet of 4 done by raid time. Havent been that lucky since then
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  • mark.matthews.94
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    I got the 2 day and 7 day the week before this last week - which helped me turn out a third manticore in time - to get my **** handed to me - lol
  • Dazandren
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    i've had 2+7 once, 2+2 twice, the rest was 2+1.  still better than a sharp stick in the eye!  ;)
  • DarkMercenary
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    Sorry, I meant to click 4. I forgot about the one time I did
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  • Benjamin Jewell
    Benjamin Jewell
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    rolled commons... no uncommon or epics yet
  • DogStar123
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    I finally received a 2+7 the week before the last raid. This enabled me to build another Manticure for the raid resulting in more repair time per target.
  • PenguinPants
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    I did get a 2+2 once, but that was also the week where they changed the prize timers and I missed out on the 1-day token. So I still ended up with the same amount of token days that week.
  • tee.fragall
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    oops I did get 2+2 once.

    The problem is that Kix doesn't use practical statistics very well -if ever. Matter of fact, as smart as they might be at other forms of math, they are quite ignorant in regards to applied statistics and how their ratios effect the individual player.

    The farther from 50%-50% they deviate with their ratios the longer those coin tosses take to reach a balance. It can take a single player what feels like an eternity to roll enough chests to have it actually come out to the average that was intended. When Kix looks at the number of each kind of chest rolled each week they see deviations from week to week, but their sample size being in the thousands per week takes much less time to equalize to the ratio they have assigned to each size chest.

    With odds as offset as they appear to be based on the random samples from polls here and on other pages like TFC etc., there is a significant number of players that can get a chest every week for years and never get more than 2+1. This leaves those on the wrong side of the RNG disillusioned and wondering why kixeye hates them so much. Just one of the many contributors to dead bases imo. 
  • NoTouchy88
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    So 2 weeks before the raid I got 4 days. 1 week before the raid I got 9 days... Just now I got 4 again...

  • Fleas_In_My_Beard
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    Like another here, I got 2 x 2d & had one up my sleeve as used to only getting a 1d & a 2d so got ripped off.
    Be much better if it was a guaranteed amount, then we might not get ripped off by rng

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  • michael.west.750
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    So it looks like 3, 4, and 9 are the most likely to be had. Three winning by a lot though.
  • AnEyeForAnEye
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    edited 18 May 2018, 12:36AM
    Well i havent been lucky. Most ive had is 4d twice.

    And as holsh said, 5-8 wont ever happen, those who voted there are screwing with you. 

    It either 3, 4 or 9.
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  • Lewis Hulatt
    Lewis Hulatt
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    my 2+2 was less than 10 minutes ago  - first over 2+1 since new system so far as can recall - but it does happen
  • wolf123
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    Got 9 days once, 4 a couple times...
    Kixeye needs to increase the odds for higher drops.
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  • kixeyeuser_1421236348331_100008896387806
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    2 + 2 twice. This one still to come system down NOT due to kix lol
  • joe crossland
    joe crossland
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    i got 4 days 2+2  one time other than that its been a constant 3 days worth 2+1
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