What Gen 1 units are still worth using tokens on?

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Which units (air/infantry/vehicles) is still worth using tokens on to maximize?

I have a bunch of tokens I could use for Tex and not bother upgrading the Gen 1 units......once they are level 15 or so do you really think its worth it to maximize?

The only units I think that are still worth it are probably Phalanx and maybe Furies

  • Grimsayer
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    this is me:)
  • Vegeta9192001
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    only gen 1 unit I use phalanx

  • FreedomCobra
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    Vindicators, Purifiers, Hades, Spartan ZKs, Phalanx, Furies, Hammers and Liberators. All useful in their own ways.
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    Hades to stop that pesky siege squad. Phalanx to retaliate with.

  • chinapig
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    Phalanx, hades and hammers.
  • adel_50
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    Every unit is usefull but (disruptors and detenators will get buffed someday) so i recommend maxing

  • adel_50
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    Maxing them all then you scrap the tokens you earn later for extra tex

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