Questions Involving The Altairian Carrier

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@CM_Lee ;
                1. Can you share any information about the upcoming carrier? I know it is still a month out, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
                2.  Is there any concept art of the carrier or an early model that we can possibly get a peak at? It doesn't have to be a textured model
                3. Will the carrier feature blueprint squadrons with its release? Or will it have RI squadrons like the paladin? I am actually curious, and
                    a little concerned, about this more than the other two questions.

That is all I have to ask for now, any info is better than nothing in my eyes. So if you can share even the smallest amount of information, concept art, or an early model, I would love to see or hear it.
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    Its not a new car coming, its a basic 1980's type game lol
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    1-2: They have likely not even planned it out yet
    3: Guarantee its more "reusable" crap

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    the color will be yellow :p 
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    it's all speculation at the moment, but this looks good

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    @Darren Barnes said:
    it's all speculation at the moment, but this looks good


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    Honestly the Bastion Cruiser looks more like the starcraft II Carrier then the Altairian carrier actually

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    I saw that picture of the Carrier from StarCraft and I could help but laugh but also smile a bit. Mainly because I love the protoss carrier, not for its fighters or anything like that, but because of how it looks
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    Space zeppelin of death

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