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Returning player after 3 years out. Level 20 Sector 450
  • Specialist aka Specs
    Specialist aka Specs
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    I accept players that are new or returning and want to get back into the game and become self-sufficient. I only take on a few players at a time to ensure that you are receiving attention to issues you are having. At least until I find others that want to mentor any new or returning players.

    Only two rules

    1) You have to work to become self-sufficient, that means listening and applying what is being taught starting with FM. 
    2) To get my help during raids you have to get alliance points each week. You can do that by hitting cargos or bases depending on your play style.

    You can play the game for free, but it requires lots of chair time to accomplish that. I do have a channel on Discord to use if I am not in game so you can get my attention, or if you want to talk over voice to speed up the communication. It is not mandatory to use Discord, but encouraged.

    I do live in the US along with one other and the other two students are in Europe. 
  • SeaSabre
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    Thank You. I'm in an alliance at the moment but i will see how that goes. If it doesn't go well i will be in touch
  • Lakhbir Singh
    Lakhbir Singh
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    SeaSabre; COOT is also recruiting atm; lemme know if you're interested
    COOT is recruiting; please PM Scorpious_DOW for details
  • redchaos
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    Storm of Pirates (STP) are taking people also
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