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PvP point calculation sucks

Joined Apr 2018 Posts: 2

The way to calculate points in PvP is ridiculous, unfair and discouraging.

  • number of players very limited. I have sometimes to attack 15 times the same player in one day (it drives the guys totally mad)
  • Most of the time I can’t earn any points but only lose a lot (32)
  • Some bases where I can earn 1 point (or lose 31) are more difficult than the ones where I can earn 10 points.
  • If I am attacked, I can earn 25 points when winning against a small level base while I won’t earn any point with a big one.
    i am in the top 5-10 players in infamy but this is not fair!!! And I am in a big alliance but none of my mates play pvp because they are disgusted by the calculation.
    The simpler the better: instead of complicated algorithm that mess up this part for f the game I really like, why don’t you give or take points only based on base level? I attack a base 5 levels above mine: if I win I get 10 points if I lose I lose 5 points. I attack a player 5 levels under: if I win I get 5 points, if I lose I lose 10 points!
  • kixeyeuser_727139343_2165_1827944
    Joined May 2017 Posts: 8

    There are a lot of other things wrong with the game... Spending continuous money to buy powerful units and then seeing them nerfed is one of them... The calculation system is not game breaking by any means... So far it seems pretty fair to me although far from perfect... What developers need to understand is that players feels cheated when developers bring continuous changes and a unit which is used in a particular way is screwed beyond reason to make it completely useless....

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