Stuck at 99% loading after update

Minor Nuisance
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anyone else stuck at 99% after this last update 
  • KirbySockRobber
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    Yup, same here. Everything working to the best of Kixeyes abilities before hand, now just kinda screwed up.... (more so if that's possible)
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  • Knytemare
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    Joined Apr 2016 Posts: 30
    Mine wont even load now 

  • akaBadboy
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    I was stuck at 99% and now at 80% been this way for two weeks every one says clear cookie, browers and so on nothing works why don't they just stream the game like the others
  • Nerfed117
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    edited 14 Feb 2018, 10:13PM
    wow take for ever to load anything ????? dc 100% all the time i just look my screen

  • chillyinla
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    Yep, I get stuck at 80%. I have tried clearing cookies and using different browsers and Facebook gameroom. No success.
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    maybe ... you need to replace the string on your potato

  • omar el3rby
    omar el3rby
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    i have same probblem and i playing gameroom  and when it loading sec i take 2 h for opening with like 15 refresh
  • G0D0FWAR
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    try using it will clean your pc internet cookies browser history temp internet files and much more it helps out a lot also try maken sure flash player is up to date and java script 
  • Steven Buick
    Steven Buick
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    Stuck on 80% also and need to finish the shadow ops phase today... looks like that's scuppered :/
  • ChrisR.2308
    Joined Feb 2014 Posts: 4
    i stuck in 80%, i cant play, 4 days with this problem :(
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