Still play this game.....

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17 712 player still play this game .....  wow I do not belive that :D :D :D 
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  • Struan Robertson
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    less than 6,000 player score 500 INTEL points which would equate to about 800,000 redeemable points.

    I finished in the top 1250 and I did not clear the store, only picked up the 3 resistor, ship and level 2 weapon/shield and armour, plus a couple of spectre wing3's.

    To get into the top 10% of players you had to score 2300 intel points
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    That is whit war commander to... I only whant to show ho is play vega - alt's the nr will be more small

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    It would be more accurate to say that there are 17,712 active ACCOUNTS in vega.

    The number of actual players is considerably less.

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    And how many got zero points as they didn't participate in the event? You mean "at least 17,712 still play this game", right?

    There's a reason why Kix didn't go with just 2 galaxies. With 3 (max 121,500 bases) there's room to spare, but with just 2 (max 81,000 bases) it would've been really hard to keep alliances close together, as it would've been hard to find room to jump to. With 2 they probably wouldn't have been full, but cramped. We're more likely around the 40-45k mark, actual players.

    No game lasts forever, not with the massive competition in the industry these days, but even with less they're not likely to shut down the game any time soon.

    Demopans said:
    That thing shows how many play through Kix' site. Not Steam and not mobile, where you'll find the most.
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    Stormer-M said:
    It would be more accurate to say that there are 17,712 active ACCOUNTS in vega.
    The number of actual players is considerably less.

    I guess I'm not an 'actual player' then since I didn't take part in the event and so don't show up as part of that number XD
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    Played 4 accounts, log in, collect coins, build sumthing with the remain res, kill sum Alt n record clips for my Clan' newbies, log off. Vega its now that boring for me.
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    This does not count players who hadn't received even 1 point in the leaderboard, and there is a massive amount of those.
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    If they didn't get points, chances are they dont care and are quitting or have quit already. I almost guarentee there is only max 22k players left, and regardless, when you compare the capacity of 3 galaxies (120k) to the max ids (22-23mil) that alone shows that things have clearly gone to ****, and makes you wonder why people still care... Im only here to watch the game as it goes till it dies, tbh... If the coiners had the brain capacity to quit, this game wouldve died almost a year ago

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    Werent they 37,400?

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