Possible help for some in raid

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So being only able to use a limited amount of tech( I still have in the dustbins). I found that the old Frostburn works well at extinguishing the fires from the missiles in the targets. I am using one IC with only one ballistic plate C1C or whatever it is and the Frosty along with one anti Zelos. I am able to do the 41 usually for instant repair if I drive well. This morning I completed a 61 for an hour and 8 min on my first run with some damage on the Frostburn already. The Zelos will shoot down most the incoming missiles but any that get through are extinguished as long as they hit in the ring. this is with really bad armor for the raid on the Zelos and the Frostburn. Hoping this will help some other folks to try using them and see if they can accomplish anything this raid. Lemme know.

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