Agro back online? For what?

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base fleet intercepted for 14 h rep. Thanks for the free evening, I'm see wisdom is not your strong point
  • Times have Changed
    Times have Changed
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    Been like this since first hr of event. I been Repairing since then. Been down so far a whole day lol still got another 7 hrs to go on one fleet and then I "might" just say F***it and not return for a while I'm gonna wait til Strikes comes back around least I can have fun with my fleets and won't lose them due to BS Argo unless I get hit by Supply runs I will and have always watched my back lol, this is fat one of the worst Cases I've been though, or seen in most history.

  • Steven Parsons
    Steven Parsons
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    agreed this is idiotic crap that we have come to expect from kix, just lust my main farming fleet, now I have 13 hours of repair. Do you think I will play during this time? NOPE. reason number 576 why we hate you kixeye.
  • I Can Haz Fun 77
    I Can Haz Fun 77
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    yeah, this aggro is BS! What is it good for? that we rage coin the dead fleets? More likely we will rage quit. Isn't it better if we get rep time from the fleets (or outposts) we actually choose to fight, instead of a random fleet we don't want? But yes, kix game design just don't care about us having fun since years. They throw stuff at us, and we have to cope with it, if we are lucky, we find some parts were we can actually enjoy the game. But kix, I still ask: why u make it so unnecessary hard to enjoy your game??
  • OOraymond
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    aggro isn't a new thing, i get that it's annoying but main events always had aggro. look at the first Alien Strike, it had aggro too while none others of the strikes had this. best tip i can give you is travel around with a lower level javelin low enough for alien fleets not to attack and high enough for other players not to be a ****
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