Weren't we told......

Papa Emeritus IV
Papa Emeritus IV
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I thought we were told harmonic shields would be getting repair time reduction. Am I wrong? Seems like I have been patiently waiting..... and waiting....

  • Cyrus Leung
    Cyrus Leung
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    They have. From 1:2.5 to 1:1.75 health to repair time ratio.
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  • Zomboy21
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    Lol that change was made so long ago. Wasn't much tho so I get your reason for posting this. Maybe they'll take this feedback and reduce more not holding my breath on that tho.

  • JogiK_666
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    lol guardians on 3 diffuse shields lives much more at lvl 100 coop alien bases & have less repair time. Harmonic need to be 1:1 or 1:0.9 to be useful... these little % of hamonic bonus cost too much repair time(
  • Old School VC player
    Old School VC player
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    those shields are high repair time "its the difference between Surviving a fight and getting knocked out by other Axis fleets as proven last night when my fleet got nailed by a 90 Axis Deceiver 4 out of 6 ships survived only lost carrier and a cruiser when getting Argoed there was no warning it was without notice and i was flying away for another Argo coming after me lol. It wasn't that i ws unaware of my surroundings it was plain and Simple Bam where hitting u and theres nothing u can do about it nether but take the shaft and repair for remainder of event.
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