Mk5 enforcers for 15 dollars?

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So is the enforcer such little value now? 15 dollars for a mk5?

  • Criminal Phillip BV
    Criminal Phillip BV
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    in the normal coin offer, you received enough items to make 2 x MK5 enforcers by sacrificing 2,500 coins, cause you still received the 10,000 coins.

    plus you still have to spend the 6-8 days crafting the ships, then 10-15 days refitting them
  • Zomboy21
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    Those 15 dollar deals usually come out to help you finish one complete mk5 ship. Gives you just enough materials to help.

  • Andrew Miller64
    Andrew Miller64
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    New season of level 7 ships starts in 2 weeks, so it will be obsolete and of almost zero value.
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