Turn Supply convoy aggression off!!!!!!

John Leknes
John Leknes
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The generous “ Supply convoys” is nothing else than over powered aggressor fleets.
4 times in a row they have wiped out my farming fleets, last time a lvl72 Paladin, Guardian fleets was crushed for 19 hour repairs.
“Supply convoy” was at 63%..... They hit you each time after a battle, out of black space and it’s just to turn off the game as usual.

This has been the drop that made me lose all remaining interest in this game, curse you Kix and your cursed incompetence.

  • Sexy Foxy
    Sexy Foxy
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    Work as Intended (TM): If you wanna play, you must Pay ! :#
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  • Demopans
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    Success of implication: 100%

  • Times have Changed
    Times have Changed
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    We been asking since the start of these runs about December ish they just seem not to care don't launch ur fleets during them that's about what it takes no way to avoid those suckers.

  • VVulty
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    Well, try to make a 80+ lvl fleet to avoid their agro ;)

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    Till they fix the problem, guess we have to be careful. Learnt that the hard way as well :P

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  • RamWhite
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    It is good to make use of those powerful aggressive fleets to counterattack a marauder fleet that’s chasing your fleet.

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  • HoKuM51
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    Now they look like Alien strike Hives... One minute agro.  So... 5 minutes  rest  is good.  
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