the AAF big alliance friend or foe

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    oh god the tears
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    Been on both sides of AAF and AAF allied crews.  Always been fine.  There for sure are hotheads and people who use any excuse to be mean or bully others.  That does not change no matter what sector or clan your in from my experience.  Currenty just jumped sectors due to a sector war from internal power stuggles, did not matter we were all supposed to be allied, it was a leadership power struggle.  Just play your game best you can.  You can always jump and start over with another clan.  I dont really think it matters if your KT, AAF or TP or something else.  Find some people you like to play with and get on with it.
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    well, I am in an anti-aaf alliance because to my thought they do not follow in actions what they say in words.  I have seen so many AAF potholes for cheating nora than any other alliance, also there is a lot of trash talk and disrispect to religion and race on world chat.  Of course, because it is so big allaince managers have lost their control on their bad apples and they are the ones that have caused so much confusion.  They are the ones responsible to have SUSQ leave the alliance and start hitting AAF.  I t is a game, I enjoy, I have friends in AAF who relly follow their principles.  So do not take it personal and play.
    Gral. Daggor
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    All groups in WC got their pros and cons. It is a game.
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    aaf are a bunch of backstabbing players and half of them using cheats (kix know it but they dont care)

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    oh i have a story to tell but i wont because i dont want to be targeted needless to say I was in a AAF affiliated sector with a AAF affiliated alliance and as the person said above the left hand didn't know what the right was doing. Was booted for no reason now i'm being targeted, now i cant move until this event is over and I need somewhere to go. I'd love to tell someone my story if you'd want to hear it but not here. Thank you.
    ~ K-LO ~
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    Rob de R said:

    It varies from sector to sector, but in my sector I've found the non-Arab AAF alliances to be behind all of the instability, mutinies and divisions in the mega-alliance, while the Arab majority alliances are above all of the politics but being outnumbered, can do little to enforce honor and loyalty. That's how it turned into a mega-alliance. It's pretty cool how they managed that in a world increasingly turning anti-Arab every day. If only everyone played social games like this, they'd learn to respect cultures they're brainwashed into hating. At least the good ones like the Arab/Muslim culture. Now if only TP were as easy to get along with, lol. I hate discriminating against a people that my country has betrayed its foundation to colonize, subjugate and commit genocide against, but unfortunately we installed an anti-Muslim sentiment there to promote lawlessness and weakness in the face of their oppressors. :(

    What what?
    AAF outnumbered? 
    looool dream on....
    AAF is one big family (allies and frineds) more then 70% of the sectors in game... 
    Then yes it is AAF Arabic Allied Force.. but AAF doens`t do politics or religion.. we are just family 
    we try to respect all... no color no race it doesn`t matter if your muslim or christian or don`t have a believe at all  
    we love  and respect and play this stupid game 
    Don`t we do all the same 
    Best wishes

    where do u see 70% of sectors run by aaf ? other think..aaf dont run by arabs..AAF leader is from England an English man,aaf lost value since free repair stop ,now is like 20% Arabs in aaf 80% none Arabs
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    aaf is enemy always 
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    i always aaf coz aaf is the  best and u cant change that hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    'bad eggs' lol u label them as a bad alliance to join they r all nice TP AAF........ i aint accidently fallen into a  TAO sector to know what there like but anyways...... i accidentally landed in a pinoy sector told them i was trying to get home as i had issues with attack log/ leaderboard during warpath and was never attacked once for all it was warpath and i was holding 10k honour. so i have no bad opinions of any alliance (AAF ally btw) we r all players who have the same purpose to progress work together and prosper in this sh*tty game lol we make the best of it no matter what .............. GLORY GLORY AAF <--- my opinion 
    I will open your eyes to some of AAF ideals (Not all AAF are same) My son landed in an AAF sec where they mainly spoke in arabic. My son who loves to learn was conversing in arabic via google translate, and was recruited into a clan. One day he spoke in english and was questioned where he was from and why he spoke english. When told he was an english lad they instantly detagged him and made him sec target. When asked why it was done the answer was disgusting and I quote "Because you are infidel" I raised this with friends I have in AAF and they agreed with me. While this is a game some bring it into disrepute by trying to force others to be as xenophobic as them. The majority of AAF is based on respect but too many splinter groups hiding behind an alliance try the bully boy tactics. Many will/wont agree but I witnessed this as my son SS the lot. 
    Well story told, so to end I wish you all a happy new year and lets hope 2018 is a better year in UPGRADE COMMANDER 
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. AAF is a big alliance.  My clan is AAF allied even though we have no members from the Middle East.  We are from USA, AUSTRALIA, ENGLAND, FRANCE, PORTUGAL, RUSSIA, GEORGIA and more. so you cant judge all by 1 bad apple..
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    In case anyone need clan. Join us


    This game used to be for strategic player not gold digger and the way game turn now its much much more for gold digger tiny bit for strategic player.
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