How about a little HOUSE CLEANING ???

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All of the games specials, whether for ship or base, used to be in an orderly manner, but now, sorry to say it, the whole BP listing of ships and base specials is a dam* mess, whether you are trying to build a ship in the design mode or simply looking for a specific special.


Why isn't the CTX-1 through CTX-3 alloy armor specials with all the rest of the "alloy armor specials" and WHY are most of these listed beginning with level 3 going down to level 1 with level 4 and level 5 just haphazardly strewn about in the rest of the specials somewhere without any rhyme or reason??

AND WHY IS EVERYTHING LISTED BACKWARDS????????? Most of the Forsaken researched specials are listed smallest (1) to the largest (3)(left to right), but even those are NOW SCATTERED WITH THE REST IN A TOTALLY "BASS-ACKWARDS" MANNER!!!!!

And why aren't all the:

**penitrative / explosive / ballistic / radioactive / etc. specials** listed, and in order, with all the rest of their respective:

**penitrative / explosive / ballistic / radioactive / etc. specials**???

Additionally, and this is just STUPID, ALL of the upgrade specials USED TO BE ALL TOGETHER, but now they are scattered all over the place in a nonsensical **HELTER-SKELTER** placement like some "pre-school" little brat just threw them on the floor and left them that way, and it's now harder than HADES to find anything any more, and this whole kindergarten arrangement happened after one of YOUR UPDATES TO THE GAME about 3 or 4 months back!!!!

I actually thought of saying something then, but I figured you would TAKE NOTICE OF IT, since a lot of you **SAY** you play the game (yeah, right!!) and would pass the word along to the right people so it would get fixed in a game update. But, THAT, was a stupid assumption, HUH??!!! At least 4 game updates have taken place since it first happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to make matters worse the same thing is true of listings of Weapons, Advanced, and Hulls, in BOTH Limited and normal Blueprint sections in the "Intelligence Lab".

I "thought" that this whole "State of the Game" was supposed to be a concerted effort to make the game more attractive, less cumbersome and easier to play, but even this is now on the "SLIPPERY ****" of GROSS non-empathy and is day by day getting back to the "who gives a rats a*s" mentality that got the company into bankruptcy in the first place!!!

In the pics I've attached, in wtf-eb3 through wtf-eb6 I've placed some letters in the lower left hand corner of the specials to indicate R=radioactive, B=ballistic, E=explosive, P=penetrative, SP=speed, U=upgrade, CV=concussive and CO=corrosive, S=specials for SUBS, A=air weapon on a carrier, D=depth charge, so YOU can see what we have to deal with on a day to day basis trying to build ships, etc. AND you'll notice that of the ones that ARE next to each other, THEY ARE ALL BACKWARDS!!!!

Pics wtf-eb7FORSAKEN and wtf-eb8FORSAKEN shows how even this glitch also affects the researched specials, too!!!!!

SO, how about SOMEONE, ANYONE, fixing this and getting the game back on the right track again??? It really would be nice before more players say "to hell with this" and leave the game WHEREUPON MORE EMPLIOYEES will be getting their pink slips to begin signing up at the unemployment office!!!!!

COM'ON GUYS, GET WITH IT, OK ??!!??!!??  GEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The 'backwards' is actually an improvement, since the one you are most likely to need, the highest numbered, will be in the list first.

    So they tried -- but (as they've demonstrated year after year after year) they have a very, very poor grasp of how a well-designed User Interface should work. Like you point out, almost every menu is wrong or poorly thought out (if "thought" is the correct term). It all just reinforces the impression that the game designers don't actually --play-- the game, they just sit around in meetings and think of new ways to pull coin from our pockets. 

    But that wasn't fair -- I'm sure the do play -- but being the game designers, they don't play on regular servers like real people -- you can bet they play on development, beta servers and have pre-built super-hulls -- they're probably focusing their time on see if the new stuff works good enough to release to the beta testers (which means us players -- if they waited until it was bug-free, it'd take a long, long time -- and given that most players are sick to death to the rapid content release and content overload, a long period of calm would be wonderful (but ain't gonna happen....)

    but back to your point -- they tried, but didn't do a good job. It is a little better grouped than it was before -- notice that most of the speed and storage specials are at the bottom and the newer stuff tends to be at the top. 

    The drop-down menu is useless. Those categories don't make any sense to real players. Fix those and we're most of the way there. 

    Good points in your rant, but fixing that menu won't increase revenue to KX mgmt, so don't expect it to be a priority. 

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    Something as simple as a drop down list organized in order to select specific groups of items and maybe put it in the shipyards where it is most needed would be great.

    Oh yeah...we already got that.
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