Just about Kixeye support this thx and maby will change

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I will say what I have seen over the years, and what I can see that kix over and over again and harder makes the event and all that is about the game, that makes the good soo because in the end will lose and more and more people will leave the game or you do not mind that it will not be so difficult or it will come the day woo kix will play itself and no more of us will play, the undersigned is that some years ago played over 1 milion player and now only 55,000 dewegen keep up the good work and in the latest 2 years you play yourself. And on all players the money invested in the game makes slower times because kix laughs at you, but if you would draw a conclusion, then suddenly kix panic, try and then you will see that kix will do everything that we come back
  Thanks to everyone and I hope that kix finally wakes up
  • Frank Stony
    Frank Stony
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    P.Andrei said:
    GOOD TALK BRO...With kix gift (ussles toys)ppl get overcapacity and if some1 report us may get bann withou explanation what i send ticket alreadyPLS DNOT SEND ME NOTHING hahhhah.Suport u and have my LIKE on this...Like thay laugh in face for ppl who coin is it much better to coiners make foundation and all money what thay wann spend go to 1 bank acc and donate moneys to CHURCH so you all laugh to tham.After few week u will se thay will pull u on shirt and beg to play and do coin THANK YOU bro..Event is avaible for ppls with money rest may cry with 2-3 days repaire and event is only 5d ??????...No way some1 may get over 10million xp if not half cheater half coiner so kix not pay attention bcz thay draw hes credit card ...

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