From The Desk Of Dr Phill: Thorium Bust

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    Lvl 80 base i used the dogies kixeye gave us i killed all of the main things with them and then did rest of the base. They also make excellent distraction.
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    Yep support turrets giving heck a lot of repair in that lvl80

    Send Liberators in groups of 3 into the middle of the base and move in behind them with Technicals or Hammers. 30 dead Liberators isn't a short repair but it's better than dead Hammers, Technicals or War Rig. Most people have Liberators to spare as well so you can restart and keep going while they repair or repair them overnight or one by one.
    Screw Libs, just use Weaver.

    I do the whole base with just Weaver an Tech's. It takes me about 15 mins but its free rep.
    Send in Weaver at a 45 degree angle to your Techs ( so the billygoat fire doesn't land on them as well) let sheild come up then move in with Techs.
    You can take out 2-3 turrets (or 2 turrets an Drone silo) in one run then end attack before shield runs down and send Weaver for a quick rep.
    Repeat that 3-4 times for the Avalanches Rail's Overwatches while picking off any loose tanks an militia in between using Weaver.
    It's a lil bit of a pain sending Weaver home 3-4 times but alot better and quicker than having hours of rep on Libs.
    I'm the sector enemy and often do the event from a cute little jail. It's never a good idea to leave a base unattended, especially when you're the enemy. I actually only kill 3 Liberators or Weaver per rail launcher but I assumed giving that advice might backfire since mine are level 20 and I have no lag. I'm going to try it your way just to see if I can do it though.
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    TheImmortalDrPhill said:
    Corpus have 3, Sentinels Have 2

    I Can Agree I Use Furies and NYX Alongside With Blackout Alot But needless to say Apollos Are Useful
    If They Are Used Right If They Are Maxed not Only It Can Target Ground But in Faction Track You Can Use it as a Airborne Shield for Furies
    So i Give a Score of 4/3 Corpus Units

    Also The Omega Herald is Still a Excellent Addition
    [But Valients Would be Great Against Highway Zealots 90s Armor but Lack of Increased Range]
    Sentinels Units Gets a Score of 1/2 Units
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