Breaking Barriers
Breaking Barriers
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What were you thinking when you designed the base ?    Yes I mean your REAL thinking process behind this base. 

Why does a shadow 70 base have 2 rocket silos with Achilles GS Rockets ? 

Why does a shadow 70 have 8 Bunkers/Towers ?

Why does a shadow 70 have 4 helipad's ?

Why does a shadow 70 base need not 1 but 2 MAXED Radio Towers? 

This is my repairs from just 1 disconnect inside a shadow 70.  The lag was so extreme the whole browser crashed on me. 

I understand there are people out there that have GREAT game performance and can steam-roll through these bases, so by all means if this applies please go find another post to troll. I am looking for KIXEYE-TEAM feedback about these bases, not player trolling & disrespectful comments. 

Thank you for any and all feedback Kixeye war commander game team
Breaking Barriers. 

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  • Team63
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    These bases will depend on your units. There are plenty of good videos to view to help you. The first one I did I took 13 hrs damage. After watching the video a couple of times and making my own slight adjustments, I take about 2 hrs damage.
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    As like every base that was ever created, if you cant do them with minimal to no damage then step down the a lower level..... kixeyes ruke is if 1 person can do these bases with free repair to no damage they wont change them..... all it takes is 1 person to figure a base out and it becomes a non argument for everyone else....

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    base buildings and units rule doesn't apply for rogue (kixeye's) bases as they are fixed and the units in it has no AI. Right units and good strategy is what you have to master.
  • rcmadd
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    do the 45s then.

  • Charles6744
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      I myself also had trouble with the Shadow Ops when they first came out.  But then the Blackout Bases came out and I cleaned up with them.  I hope you were able to do them instead of the lvl 70 bases.
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