Elite Legion

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is it any good or good for some use?
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    yes it does when u attack a base with jugger and ardra use those legion spawns they still usefull as decoy
    other use dont dploy to long or hell of repair
  • Maximus_Destructicus
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    It is about a day and half of repair time, and in a strong base it dies in about 30 seconds.  Not to mention the duplicates sometimes don't work.  It also does very little damage to today's units.  Personally I feel its useless

  • Sarkis 2
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    just use the duplicates and keep e-legion it self back
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  • Axel L
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    I can say that I haven't found any specific uses for the Elite Legion in few months as the unit has a bit too long repair time and doesn't pack the punch anymore.
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  • rings12
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    i use it for collecting thoirum XD i put shock op and run the dups and it'll clear out half and 80
    a whole 50 or a whole 65 :P and i use it around event times for base i need ground cover for my stuff so yes its still good even though its like 3 years old it is still relavent and use full for somethings
  • grimsoul
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    yes it has 1,700,000 health and 40,000 dps i think it's good 
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    Now elite legion no is good,,,...maybe for duplicated but in rest no...
    much time repair , low damage....

  • BuckMann
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    I used to clear a v65 with just the legion clones. Now in a v65 they die in seconds. Legion now in armory.
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