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Two simple questions smile 
Can anyone employed by kixeye explain why there are so many things going wrong with our game ?
Why is there no urgency to fix the all things going wrong and I don't mean a sticky plaster/botch job fix ?
  • kixeyeuser_1423071321100_100005569801757
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    Maybe they reduced the number of programmers and/or hired new programmers with no game experience.
  • Zippernikkel
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    This game runs on a glitchy old code never expected to last this long. And they keep adding more and more stuff on top of that, honestly I'm surprised it works at all.

  • Nicholas Soong
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    If someone went and used a real game engine to reprogram this game do you think it will work? Something like say... Unreal 4? Honestly it sounds like a bomb idea. Kixeye write it down lol.

    Hmm, what wacky thing should I say? Oh Sod it I can't be bothered of thinking something smart to say.
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    Question one - its not OUR game. It's a free to play game provided by kixeye. They keep adding stuff the more people coin. 

    Question two - Its their game, if your game does not work (and you coined) send in a ticket and they're happy to oblige. 
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