I!!!!!!!!!! Salty dog not Works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fury wine
fury wine
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No payout of double vxp's of salty dog  
I only have 708 vxp's for ranking get with crew 

KIX check this 
  • BloodRavenFavian
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    What did you hit?
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  • fury wine
    fury wine
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    51 ,71 ,65,55 ,75 
  • kixeyeuser_1365369523405_14232_1309869729
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    Trying to get a verified "hard numbers" test out of an alli mate who says she got "zero" XP on one run.... for me, dogs work normally. So very definitely a "per player" kind of bug......
  • xwolf1
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    Actually I was doing part of my mission and hit 2 85 MS. Didn't repair on the map and did not have a slaty dog. Both 85's had all the ships and turrets at full health. Took a decent amount of damage because I was mainly on auto. But when my fleet came back to my base it said it earned exactly 0 vxo.

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  • stuart.mcandrew.33
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    i did 75 elite cargo's with my salty dogs and only got 450 vxp for the time i spent doing them 
  • dgropp
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    I put in a CS ticket with a  pic of my results and got a nothing is broken or "it has been fixed" response. Using a salty crew I got 4999 k in vxp, hitting only 71 cargo. Did the same thing the next day post armor placement and got less, with crew. So something has to be bugged. 
  • Mr-Arghhh
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    Same thing happened to me using a 3x salty dog crew.  they don't seem to be aware of the issue.  sent my ticket yesterday
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    I just tested it.
    One Gamma Behemoth with no salty, 10 VXP.
    Same single Gamma with a normal 2X salty and 21 VXP.
    Seems to be working fine.
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    I coined the first rank for my 4 Centurion ships. I then put on a salty dog crew and after ranking for quite some time i went back into my base and recieved 2260 in vxp which gave me 3 stripes on each ship. I still had 7 minutes left on the crew so i went back out and hit more cargos, came back in with another 560 in vxp. BUT NOW my ships drop a stripe and only have 2 stripes aka. 10% rank. I lost rank and more vxp. i should of had my ships at 20%. what is going on here.
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  • NoHeartDog
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    The issue is often found to revolve around what other hulls where in the flt. If you have skull ranked companions (for example) they will be doing the majority of the damage they will be getting the majority of the VXP points. I don't sail my new hulls out with ranked offensive hulls. I might include ranked CM hulls to help limit the damage taken. 

    "But 1 hull can't kill the targets"
    That may be a problem. If so, take out 2 or more of the same rank so they do even damage and get even distribution of VXP 
  • I Still am having that issue 
  • feedback 12/7/17 Salty dogs and silver saltys  do not appear to be working;   Please fix
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