This is how much Kixeye hates me

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Last invasion, i'm the first to finish with that time

free repair is the most stupid thing in the game .. FFS LET IT OUT OFF YOUR HEAD
  • NemesisDarkly
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    Well, no doubt they'l count tenths an hundredths as well just they don't display them. Other 2 must have finished slightly quicker.
  • MOJO-Dojo
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    they dont care time to strike on playing
  • Axel L
    Axel L
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    I would guess that kixeye calculate the completion times with slightly more precision that isn't shown which will be used to determined which player that has the fastest completion time.

    I'm sorry to say that you was on the border of being the player that should have got the top 100 prize. However, there will always be few that are going to be on that spot where they was nearly able to achieve a greater reward.
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  • georgkauffmann
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    bad luck buddy  :p i was faster  B)
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