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text copied from news forum

The video lays out the basics of what Lee has in mind, which includes prohibiting the sale of videogames containing "gambling mechanisms" to anyone under the age of 21. That restriction would cover any situation in which players are purchasing a "percentage chance" to get an in-game item, rather than the item itself, and would apply not just to games sold at retail but also those available via digital distribution channels like Steam and GOG—a relevant point because ESRB ratings are not mandatory for digital storefronts.

Lee also expresses concern about game publishers who adjust the odds of various items dropping in loot boxes in order to take advantage of people who really want them. He acknowledges that his information is third-hand and unverified (and I've only ever heard of the opposite happening, in the form of "pity timers" that increase the odds of a good drop the longer a person goes without one), but nonetheless does a pretty good job of making it sound like an all-but-established fact.
Once the algorithm identifies a player who's likely to keep spending money to buy that one 'unicorn thing' that they're after ... then they lower the odds and then you keep spending more," he says in the video. "It's absolutely unethical and unfair."

As a result, he's also seeking an "accountability piece" of legislation to ensure that behind-the-scenes drop-rate shenanigans doesn't happen, which would presumably require publishers to reveal loot box drop rates odds—something similar to the step taken late last year by China.

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    This is source I guess. I did text highlight Google search. This popped up : 
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    China is also working on a social code system that could shut down the Chinese branch of the game if Chris statement about following the same path as the original is true. 
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    Dont hold your breath if you think the current American government is going to write any laws restricting business profits. Republican lawmakers just passed a bill to drastically cut the taxes of almost all businesses and will pay for it with an increase in taxes to many Americans and huge cuts to social programs like Medicare and Social Security.

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    I'm assuming this was posted here as inferring Kixeye is at fault for doing this as well, but I actually don't see Kixeye has having done this. I know of a few things they sell outright:

    - coins
    - blank hulls
    - crafting deals

    With these items you get exactly what the package states.

    And on the last one, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen a crafting package that delivered crafting boxes with a random drop chance (purchasing a "percentage chance" as mentioned), i.e. the loot boxes being talked about. The deals I've seen always state exactly how many of each pattern, parts, cores and armaments the deal contains.

    The only thing you could argue is their possibly creating an environment where players might spend coins to repair their fleets in efforts to acquire crafting boxes that have a random drop chance, but that is not the same thing. And now with axis it's no longer random.

    Kixeye might do many things the players don't like, but I don't see this as being one of them.
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    This is all speculation at this point


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