All players require tridents

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It should be given to everyone. 
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  • Ironpants
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    It should be given to everyone. 
    Or at least a way to acquire them. Like T1 of the FM.
  • Joemc1999
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    It most definitely should not be "given" to everyone. Sure some way of acquiring them, since they are outdated now maybe throw them in a campaign or t3 of the forsaken mission, but just because they are a big help does not mean they should be given away, the Fangtooth is a big help this raid, should that be give away too?
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  • Steve L
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    They aren't required. I have been doing the fm without them just fine. I even got all the prizes and tokens hitting 115's. I actually have them, just didn't bother to equip them on my zelos tank.

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    Given the changes of the 88 to the 89, it is very reasonable to put the tridents into T1 or T2 of the FM. Likely T1 would be a good fit... or swap the 89 back to the 88 and adjust the reward a tiny bit. How many 88's would you need to hit T4 for 1+1 now?
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