Infinity EIC
Infinity EIC
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I recently have been taking the time out to refit old stuff due to the fact that I am out of stuff to mk up my axis and xeno ships since there are no supply runs in sector. I was about to refit my now mk'd up javelin until I realized something that can hinder my jav useless, the option to equip specials and shields is gone, only operations(worm holes), guns, armor are there! That can really take a big toll since specials are used for thrusters increasing range on weapons and cargo, can someone please add an official @CM Chris? I hope this bug is resolved since ships need to fly the right way if you know what I mean.
  • Protopopot
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    Same for me, I did want to equipped mine and I saw the same slots missing...
  • SEAL Corps1
    SEAL Corps1
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    Can I ask what platform are you using that is making this bug appear? 
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  • Protopopot
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  • Gaius Octavian
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    How about javs...can't be attacked

  • Heath606
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    I just got my first javelin built and low and behold it has slots for specials, shield and armor, but it wont let me put anything on it.  I was able to put on a jump drive and weapons.  That was it, is this a bug or can you not add anything else to it even though it has the slots.  Something seems extremely wrong here
  • TYRNT-L Philip
    TYRNT-L Philip
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    I am confirming this, cannot add armor or specials
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  • Coelus
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    sounds like a bug

    @CM Chris

  • Princess Rina
    Princess Rina
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    same here. if you want to refit now, you can use mobile device.
  • sdrawkcaBssA
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    just submitted a ticket for same..would post screen shot but don't see a way to attach an image.... its not that the slots are missing it simply don't show the tabs for shields, specials or armor....i mean they are there but blank tabs instead of normal icons for each. Could attach a drive and weapons but that was all. 

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