Time delay between base hits - yes please

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Its always been a pain on the arse, not having a time delay between a fleet attacking a base multiple times. Surely, if a fleet can go right back into action within a millisecond, recouping full shields, that should require a minimum of 3-5 seconds between hits. Now the gating has changed, a single fleet can jump between a wide range of base levels. Or simply keep going back into the base originally attacking to avoid an attack. Yes its a tactic, but flipping annoying. Please fix.

Secondly, with the alleged base defences coming our way, is there going to be some sort of bonus/player ability if the defending player is online? Surely something we’ve asked for ages.. whether that be being able to target ships with turrets, or have control of a ‘special’ ship to fight basing fleets during battle. (Only if online at time). I don’t expect a Borg cube, just something of use that will put a dent into a fleet. Make basing much more interesting!

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    The best bonus/player ability would be to allow a player to launch guard fleets during a base attack.
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    Stormer-M said:
    The best bonus/player ability would be to allow a player to launch guard fleets during a base attack.
    Guards or any other fleet... but we can fly those that are oit of the base... i fail to understand the logic on that
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    Tbh im surprised they havent implemented the defense fleet feature battle pirates has... Yeah we have guard fleets, but im talking about our fleet literally in the base there to help defend it, you cant control it (because it would be to overpowered) but it can help defend you

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    And kix will say never NOOOO

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