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Hi everyone,
I need advice about Hunter MK-1. Is it a good hull to get? What good can Hunter do? Is it better than tideseeker? 

  • Lantz
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    Thats actually a complicated question...  Basically the hunter was designed to be the next generation of the tide, however so far it hasn't really lived up to its potential. 

    for PvE the Hunter is pretty good, when you have a full fleet of them (to get the max bonus) and when they are fully ranked.  With their higher HP/ship they have more staying power then tides.  Additionally the top tier targets have been hull restricted so that tides cannot be used.  Verdict for PVE, if you don't have fangs get the hunter.

    For the rest of the game, tides are better so far.  They have better sonar/thermal for hunting subs and are more effective in Uranium targets then hunters.

    Now if you add charged armor to either of these hulls they both will perform well against this round of PVE and in Uranium targets, just load them out with the best depth charges you have, (houndstooth, garwood, etc)

    Both hulls perform at their best with a full fleet and the Flag.   The H. tide makes the tide fleet ALOT better (also longer to repair) and the Apex hunter greatly improves the hunter fleet as well.

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    Thank you Lantz,

    Hunters work better in pack. I miss that stat. 
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