Zeal or dread ?

koko naka
koko naka
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So I am still upgrading ship factory and lab but which one is better. Some say Zeal is faster but stats are same except it has higher mass, health than dread.

  • Scott O
    Scott O
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    Zeal by far

  • McBeard28
    Joined Feb 2017 Posts: 11

    ZEAL! Can carry more weight. Gets a 7th weapon slot at mk4

  • Mech Monkey
    Mech Monkey
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    Dreads are easier to mk up and you get a 7th weapon slot at mk4.
  • Ersha66
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    zeal, simply cause you got more choice on weaponry, thanks their mass.
  • John the Savage
    John the Savage
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    Zeal is the superior ship, but as far as upgrades go, a low level player will have a much easier time MKing up a Dread.
  • LeonardoW
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    I would personally go dread as despite being worse than zeals statistically, dreads can be much more easily marked up, providing that oh so crucial bonus dmg against certain ship classes, which is vital in supply runs to get zeal parts
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