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does evenone no the new raid may be so i can get building thanks
  • Marcos_M7
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    ?, i believe missle. an big raid or perhaps anything descent. 
  • MarcosM
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    if you mean cycle, may be subs or something other change that kix has in store for us. yo know them, but at the moment its missles lol
  • alex.stanham
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    as new raid formats cycles , next raid recomended hull will be on next raid prizes, last of current raid cycle , then they will bring another recomended hull 1 week before new raid cycle in a TLC  , so need to wait until they release the recomended hulls( only hulls you can do raids) 
  • Gene Lord
    Gene Lord
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    They do that so the people with coin will coin the build to have it 

  • Mack Heath
    Mack Heath
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    OK  I  know  it  is  a  old  hull  but  looking  for  a  good  set  up  for  the  Mast  I  was  thinking  of building  some  to  use  with  my  Rhino's  I  got  built after  I  refit  with the  better  missiles  I  got  a few  months  back

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