I want to join your alliance

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I am a level 89 player who has been away from the game for about 6months. I am way behind in the game but do not really care. I am trouble but in a good way i do not do weeklys raids do not care about getting anywhere in the game. I do love trashing bases for fun and with very old tech is even funnier to hear them cry hack. So i am looking for a fun group who dont care just like me but having fun  
  • Dark Goat Lord
    Dark Goat Lord
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    we are in sec29 come hang with us for a week,we group vote new recruits
  • Cap'n Deadpool
    Cap'n Deadpool
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    Try PHNXX in 363... We make the Mos Eisley cantina look like a quaint desert cafe  ;)
  • Kapitan_Krapalot
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    He's trouble alright.. hehe
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