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Tips for just starting

Unicorn Overlord
Joined Apr 2012 Posts: 3,844

I am fixing to start playing this game and wonder what is the best way to get my foot in the door. Please (if you can) give me some useful tips to get the quickest/best start to this game.

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  • josh clark0
    josh clark0
    Joined Oct 2017 Posts: 2

    Don't even waste time on the stupid game mostly u get to lvl 10-11 and get stuck in war zone and they say it be fix in a week or two still hasn't been fix for almost 150 days or so

  • reapa5
    Joined Dec 2017 Posts: 3

    Don't count on resource tiles to help you level almost all of them are blocked off by alliances your going to have to spend money to level cuz it's going to take weeks to level cuz your base is going destroyed a lot and all your resources gone in in minutes

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