Which Defense platform is better??

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Was wondering whether the insulated platform, reinforced platform or the armoured platform was better??
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    all depends on what u plan to defend against but the its either reinforced or armored that are gonna help against herald when maxed cause he'll spend a few extra secs to kill it
    insulated helps against shocc which u dont have to worry about too often
  • explosivediarrhoea
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    thanks, mostly wanting to defend against aircraft because they destroy my defense platforms to quick. Typically only get attacked by aircraft as well.
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    There are 5 different defense platform types with different purposes.
    • Standard
      • A general all purpose platform that has a decent amount of armor but nothing truly special to it.
    • Airborne
      • A platform in the sky that is weaker than the standard platform but can only be targeted by units that can target airborne targets. The catch is also that it can also be targeted by dedicated anti air units like Hades and javelins.
    • Reinforced
      • A defense platform that has slightly more armor than the standard defense platform and will block splash damage. This platform do also have natural resistance to splash damage.
    • Armored
      • The most heavy armored defense platform and it's armor is also so powerful that it will grant a flat damage reduction of 100 which is powerful when it comes to defending against units with a low damage per shot like sustain damage units.
    • Insulted
      • A weaker platform than the standard platform but its armor is designed to make the platform completely immune to all status effects (Shock, Corrosion).
    The choice of which platform you should use is completely dependent on what you design your base to defend against. If you encounter someone that really likes to take advantage of status effects to achieve victory, then the insulted is your choice. However, if you encounter someone that loves to use area damage units like Spartans, then the reinforced platform is the best choice.
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  • explosivediarrhoea
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    thanks for the input.
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