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Been in a few aliances over the past 5 years ,now looking for a active alliance that  hits bases, support each other in tech, hull designs, and base defence.  I have a mega, newest tech, and always complete missions, raids and quota and hit bases (win or lose). 

  • Bovee Wan Kanobi
    Bovee Wan Kanobi
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    B2A, we just cleaned house.  inactive members were kicked.  We're looking to rebuild with active members only......look us up and send a request if interested.

    Hackers killed this game
  • alan.foster.353
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    LOTRS sector 107
  • USS-Sovereign
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    USSHM is looking for more members. message me if interested.
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  • BadVenomHurricane
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    You can apply to FHD if you send me a pm. (I am the highest medal holder out of these guys that has replied :P just saying)
  • VIKESx
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    XLAW is back  and we are looking for some good active players.
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