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New Infamy System - Downgraded this game

Joined Jul 2017 Posts: 3

Been playing for a while and this new infamy system blows. No initiative for war zone infamy wins and the pvp match ups are horribble. This is pushing me to move to another game, will give a little time in hopes they come to their senses....otherwise moving my money to another game. Cheers

  • nasace12
    Joined Jul 2017 Posts: 1

    I agree, how can you set a lvl 27 against a lvl 41 and say its only worth 8 infamy if i win, but if i lose i lose 25??? Should it not be the other way around. I understand changes to a game, but this just isnt fair. Its bad enough that you dont get infamy credit for any member that joins you r alliance. Now Its pretty much impossible to gain infamy as a lower level due to the fact that we dont see any player in pvp thats not 15 to 20 levels higher than us.

  • SOG-Doc
    Joined May 2017 Posts: 3

    Yup..put too much emphasis on PvP.. Mach up algorithm isn't set appropriatley.. at least keep match ups in same tier.. went too far to PvP and took too much away from warzone.. just a fancy slot machine.. no need for war zones. Effectively destroyed team play..The Four Hoursemen: Mass Exodus has a new meaning..

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