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resonance vs batter 3 on prides wich one is better

Joined Mar 2014 Posts: 9
this is the plan for my ultimate base hitting fleet but i dont know witch one is better resonance vs battery on prides keep in mind that my battery is r7
  • GrumpyReign
    Master Tactician
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    battery. the prideful effect is resonance activating but only works on the individual boats and by its very nature only when they're out of range of resonance.
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  • The Qing
    The Qing
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    On an unrelated note, you really should focus on radioactive deflection, your prides can easily be shut down by a single vanquisher. Missile deflection can be gained instead by putting more prides in the fleet.

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  • pedrokatsunami3000
    Joined Mar 2014 Posts: 9
    i see thx for the tip...but what about those peeps that likes to put liberators as defence......should i put just one missiles deflection armour instead just in case
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