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Gold confirmation

Jared Dudley
Jared Dudley
Joined Mar 2017 Posts: 1
edited 15 Mar 2017, 2:29AM

Can you add a confirmation before we spend gold. It's annoying to buy units then notice that you spent gold on the last one to top up the metal.

  • FireCorp
    Joined Mar 2017 Posts: 63
    In all fairness, This is not the first time that someone as requested a confirmation pop up for gold usage.  I can see why players would request a pop up option.  

    I just hope that if they do implement the confirmation, that they add a way for a player to turn the confirmation off.  It would be very annoying for some players who would not want a pop-up.
  • dmoser71
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 3

    I agree with this- definitely need a confirmation before spending gold (like we have on global ops fob upgrades) and a way to disable it for players who have larger screens and never press a button by mistake.

  • thund3rsh0ck
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 4
    I agree with this, please implement! I refuse to buy gold until this is implemented, I'm just going to waste it if I do.
  • Bunny Fluff
    Bunny Fluff
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 17

    Yes, a confirmation pop-up is DEFINITELY needed. Like FireCorp mentioned, this is not the 1st time this has been brought to KIXEYE's attention.

  • gwolf2017
    Joined Feb 2017 Posts: 1

    Guys not sure why a simple confirmation pop up still didnt add to this game. Many players spend their golds that saved so hard by mistake

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