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Lost my base, support seems to have forgotten me.

Rafael Barna
Rafael Barna
Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 1
Almost everytime I open the game there is another person base.
I opened a support ticket on 10/01. Since then I have been waiting for the solution of my problem.

Ticket Nº: #3684657
  • CM Chris
    CM Chris
    KIXEYE Community Manager
    Joined Mar 2014 Posts: 3,675
    That ticket was responded to and resolved on January 16th. It looks like later you attempted to create a followup to that closed ticket. Creating a followup to a closed ticket does not work, it means the ticket will never get to Support. If your ticket is closed and your issue persists, file a new ticket. 

    I do also see that you've filed two new Support tickets since that time, both of which have been responded to within 24 hours, however you have not responded to either of them. I would check on your Support responses, since we are trying to assist you.
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