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Android Emulator

Micaiah Stevens
Micaiah Stevens
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As I really want to try out this game, I figure I would create a topic in favor of support for Emulators.    I wrote up a rather lengthy post under the Android Comparability, so will stay away from the big picture.  I also talk about other ideas, but this is focusing on Emulators.

The Problems:  I get that if you have a Emulator, you run the risk of someone playing the Game inappropriately.   However I stress this isn't for that, and I get you have to weigh that against opening the doors.   I would think you have to plan for that anyways, and account creation, ownership and verification are just part of the process.  I won't admit to freely, but think having 2 accounts has always been a main stay for me in MMOs, but is restrained and appropriate.  Heck even the 5 boxer seems legit, when its the person in control.

That being said, why would we need an Emulator:

Emulators allow people who may have Windows Devices, an Imcompatiable device, or even Eye Sight trouble, along with a slew of other devices and interface issues with Tablet and Phone.   Phil said it great, although I think a Hardcore Phone game is possible. the real problem is when you play on an Xbox the controller vs a Mouse and KB is far better, and they don't mix em, as PC would have a huge advantage.  That balance aside its about getting the game in the hands of the users.

Emulator also give you great control over Ram, CPU and other technically features that blows a phone, tablet out of the water.  Sure I was able to juryrig a Windows Tablet with a USB drive to augment is ram, but my 16 gigs of a machine, would LOVE to be thrown at the problem of playing this game.

I talked about it before, and will stress again, this is to get the game in the Hands of your customers.   Maybe you did some terrible mistakes, but we don't have to live with em forever, we can fix them, and even some of us are willing to work with the mistakes, and play on an Emulator, as we think its a great concept.

Let's face it, the game is to make money, and if you limit your players, you limit your income.  If that sounds like something you want to do great.  But I along with a lot of people are probably interested in playing, and thus paying for your game.

Competition;  Lets face it, your in a WORLD class of competing, and if you want to stay ahead, you gotta get on board.  Blue stacks, and a few others, have support for hundreds of other games.   Its about sticking with you guys, but if you don't want to support us, I am sure will find other things to do.

If you have a PC port in mind, but are limited in what you can say about it, WHY do people do this, it should be like HEY we want to, but are not sure if it will work.   Again see post on you guys are idiots if this wasn't figured out ahead of time.

Bottom Line: Emulators are a great way to play an Android, Iphone only game, with good pc requirements most of the tim.  While it has its pitfalls these are standard for any game you put out on the internet. 

Lust us PLAY your game!
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    im all in favour of terminal emulators, i want to play rogue assault too, but is not compatible with my huawei p8 lite android phone, however i do have genymotion terminal emulator installed on my linux ubuntu laptop that i use to play 'normal' wc from, plz plz plz let me try it out

  • Micaiah Stevens
    Micaiah Stevens
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    Thanks Tongue-Punching.  i meant to include, and prob will eventually a list of Emulators, and what i found.  Its also nice, since its a work thing, since I am moving towards Android Development.
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