New Level 45 Shadow Ops base - NOTES

Maciej Mesaj Klimas
Maciej Mesaj Klimas
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- many Talon Drones in Drone Silo - SS need 2 shots, but there are many of them so they might hurt before drones can distract them, Hailstorm will be too slow probably to handle all of them before they can hit
- Vaults (same as level 5 base event) spawn Grenadiers, if first line of defense is cleared and the middle they should do the rest
- Mine factory - so probably before attacking with ground toon will need to bring dogs or riflemen to clear them
- Stinger (corosive rockets), Shock Trooper and Eriflemen in Watchtower
- SF Operator in the middle (between silos and behind Metal Factory) is chasing agressive
- Non customized SF grenadiers, Commandos and other SF as defenders
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  • Blue-Cheese
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    My approach:

    1. Dogs to clear the mines

    2. Doran to clear the first line of defence. AIm at the walls. This will leave a numbre of Grenadeers in various states of health. I send in Growler drones and sit behind them with Doran to klll the remaining Grenadeers. Be careful, the drones will trigger the talons. SO be prepared to end attack. Rinse and repeat till the front line is gone.

    3. Kill the Satillite with a cyclone. Now you have stealth back clear up the rest of the buildings and towers.

    4. Now you should have the second line of defence exposed. Head in with Doran again and hit the walls. NO need for Growler drones now as Doran out ranges all turrets and commandos immediately behind the wall.

    5. Now the second line of defence is gone its easy. Hit and run with a cyclone to distroy the first building containing grenadeers. Now control them to open the other two. Hit Rubi and sit back and watch

    6. Done.

    What little damage I take I can usually repair for free.

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  • Maciej Mesaj Klimas
    Maciej Mesaj Klimas
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    This is my approach, zero to free repair 

    Preserver takes reduced damage, put him in the back of team, so even if enemy Operator shots, it won't hurt
    Sniff mines with Suicide bombers with Bomb Disposal Suit
    Destroy front, before killing silos make sure you kill walls first. If enough time then splash damage will destroy Plasma and Power Plants in 2nd line of defense, to but more time before grenadiers will get hurt

    Quit at Cerberus 2 event, returned before Stormfront.
  • derek.snelling.10
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    Send in a couple of dogs to clear path through mines then Doran clears base on his own for 4 mins repair. First use I've found for him lol
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