Bunkers, snipers or stingers?

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My bunkers are not leveled up high enough to put SF in them.

In an effort to try to counter PKs coming at my base, I was wondering what is best in the bunker. I was thinking snipers, configured for missiles, but then I was thinking that stingers might be better...  Or not.  I read the thread at https://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/624923 but it didn't really address my question. Then I was thinking that maybe neither would make a difference since their damage per shot may not matter much against the health of the PK.

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    You should definitely have at least one stinger, customized for corrosion, as this will help against any air unit.
    Mine consist of at least 1 mortar team (concussion), 2 Heavy gunners (corrosion + switch targets), 1 shock trooper, and 1 stinger (corrosion), I then add more units according to space, but it doesn't do much.
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    have a mix of them as well a other unit types in your bunkers for optimal defense
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