Onslaught comes, eventually... Guidance Please...

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I'm pretty new to the game and this next onslaught will be my third one. Having cleared wave 20 on my first and wave 40 on my second one, I would like to try to clear wave 55 this time. While I know that no one has seen the new one yet, what are generalized ideas for a lvl 7 cc base to do to prepare? This last event was my 4th and I cleared tier A mission 9 base defense waves (I took a lot of damage and chickened out on trying further). Thank you.
    Unicorn Overlord
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    fill your base with everything you can and make sure your turrets are floating is my only suggestion
  • Grekkerstich
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    I suggest, that every platoon you have, put in your base defence for onslaught. The onslaught features free-repair  times
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