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The UPRISING was a good fun event, even if I didn't get any think, ended up with 60,000, but I had already got Met -Sheild from bp's.
No complaints from me, the whole game is cool !

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    the meta shield from the event is for ships

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    Thank you for a positive post - however the meta shields before this were for the base and this one is about the same as a lvl 3 shield of anything for the ships (little heavier)

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    Thanks guys! Did you see the event stats? 

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    I had fun in the event and I know others did as well. Looking forward to the next one. I know that all of Vega was online for this and the event probably caused more people to log on and play the game than we have seen in months.

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    I had fun with the event.  I just wish that I had built Rancor auto fleets instead of having to manual all the cargo :(

    But other then that, it was awesome :D

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